We strive to foster a generation that is aware of information security. We can fulfill this mission together. Together, we can get the campus community involved in cyber security through both education and experience. Together, we can increase our own knowledge through collaborative learning. Together, we can make our generation more secure. Let us make this movement, our mission, succeed.

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We hold meetings every Friday during the fall and spring semesters. Topics range from current events to security software tools and even hardware. Often, special guests from various businesses and organizations will present on advanced special topics like reverse engineering and exploitation. Interested in presenting? Let us know.

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The CCDC team holding their 2016 trophy

Cyber Defense

One component of the club involves studying, understanding, and applying defensive security strategies in order to rigorously protect computers and networks from being compromised. We have a special team dedicated to learning the ins and outs of administering and hardening systems to defend against some of today’s leading threats.

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Cyber Offense

A second component of the club involves learning how attackers gain control and persist in systems. Students have the opportunity to research, explore, and exploit vulnerabilities. Through collaborating on thought-provoking challenges, team members are able learn the skills necessary to becoming a security professional.

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If you like breaking stuff, problem solving, hacker-talk, or even just expressing your true 1337ness, then you definitely want to get involved. It is so neat to be around people with the same interests. It is at our meetings, competitions, and special events that we encourage you to unleash your inner-nerd. Joining is a breeze. Don’t skip out.

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