Post-Meeting Resources

About the Meeting

Join us this Friday for our main event: student member Alex Lynch giving an overview of how you use the internet, exactly, and where security plays into the big jumble of computer equipment that we call the internet. In our review of current events, we’ll be reviewing what we know *for sure* about how the celebrity photo leaks happened and how someone (responsibly!) compromised the Oculus Rift developer portal.

Before all of that though, we unfortunately have to get administrivia done. :( Some of the current club leaders will formally be going over membership and dues, introduce your executive board, and go into a little more detail about CCDC & Knightsec, and cover our R&D initiative.

Alex will also be going over the CTF-like challenges he posted on, introducing a new problem or two for everyone to work on! He’ll also be at Knightsec’s CTF practice, which has now been finalized to take place every Saturday, 1-5 PM in HEC-117!

We’ve got a lot going on, so come over and find something you’ll like!

Want to join?

Whether or not you can make this week’s meeting, please fill out the club membership form if you want to join us officially!

What do you want to see?

The people who organize the meetings would like to know what kind of presentations you want to see! Please fill out this survey:


Security education means learning about new tools! To help keep up with the fact that we kind of need people to know things before we can cover more in-depth topics, please read up on some basics so you don’t get too lost!

Virtualization guides (these are particularly of interest to CCDC team prospectives)

Bash (OSX/Linux terminal language)

Getting a virtual private server to practice technical things on would be cool too. Help out the club if you want one by using these referral links!