This week, we held a panel of cybersecurity students to introduce our membership to a more diverse set of individuals to ask questions to. Many of the questions asked were those many had asked other individuals in the club before. Questions ranging from “Which text editor do you use” to “How did you get the internships you had” were asked and thoroughly answered by our panelists. Those amongst the panel include Sydney, Sara, Raul, Alex, and Michael.

About today’s panel, a multitude of resources was talked about and noted. Here I will list a majority of them:

  1. The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws 2nd Edition:
  2. The PortSwigger Web Security Academy:
  3. The Cyber Mentor’s youtube channel:
  4. The Linux manpages:
  5. The iOS Hacker’s Handbook 1st Edition:
  6. Cyberchef:
  7. The Chrome developer toolkit:
  8. PortSwigger’s BurpSuite:
  9. Ghidra Binary Analysis Tool:
  10. Binary Ninja:
  11. Binwalk:
  12. NMAP:

Also, as the result of the many references to Google’s Project Zero initiative, I thought I might add their live bug tracker. This website includes any publicly released bugs which Project Zero has found as well as any commentary.

As always, here are the slides from this week’s presentation as well!

Have a great weekend, [email protected]!