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Recon 400 – Landlord
Along with the standard prompt we are given our focus for the challenge. To name the landlord of Olimpiada Balalaykina. With the information gathered from Recon 100 we return to our Launchpad, and view our target’s profile. Viewing her profile we see under “House” in her information she has “garages.blocks.daisy”. This had me stumped for a while and thought I would return to it after a nights rest. In the morning, lo and behold there is a hint posted. Another image posted to her wall of a google maps view on London with an orange ping. Within that orange ping are the words w3w.

We turn to our friend Google with hint in hand. Turns out W3W stands for what3words, a start up in London. This site gives locations a three word description and makes it searchable through their website. On a wild hunch (drenched in sarcasm), I type in garages.blocks.daisy into their search engine.

The Flag
After correctly using w3w we are given an address and Google maps street view. Pretty house. Now that we have the address, finding the landlord should be easy. We use a website like (just the first one I found) or any Real Estate officer we can find and do a property search of the address. Within the report you should find the owner of the house, one Jane Marcus. And that ladies and gentleman, is our flag.