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Being a common word, Google is not going to help us much. On the Official ISIS CSAW IRC channel, we find that there is an OP user snOwDIN. If we run /WHOIS on the user, we get a clue.

[isis] |-INFO > snOwDIN [[email protected]]
[isis] |-INFO > ircname : linkedin:chinesespies
[isis] |-INFO > channels : @#csaw
[isis] |-INFO > server : [ISIS IRC Server]
[isis] |-INFO > : is using a Secure Connection
[isis] |-INFO > idle : 0 days 4 hours 15 mins 25 secs [signon: Fri Sep 20 21:26:19 2013]
[isis] |-INFO > End of WHOIS
“ircname” clue tells us that we may find more results on LinkedIn. Searching within LinkedIn does not return any results and also requires a User for most functions. The name format is[NAME] so we try We found the key!