Make it, break it, patch it, present it. That’s what we say.

How We Do It

We at Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF pride ourselves on the education we provide. Sometimes we’re talking about that crazy exploitation challenge from last weekend’s Capture the Flag competition while other times we’re talking about tracking things that fly in the sky. Although we collaborate as a community to develop our own presentations, we admire having our friends drop in to introduce the good, the strange, and the exciting topics.

We’ve got some facts:

  • We are constantly sourcing new content.
  • We aim to provide what students are eager to learn.
  • We like easy peasy lemon squeezy. We like mind boggling challenges too. We like it all!

We welcome guest speaker suggestions from our members. However, if you are interested in speaking about a really cool security topic yourself—whether you are a student, professional, or security enthusiast—then we want to talk to you!

The Sales Pitch

Do you know some magic terminal spells that make life easy? Did you repurpose that old box in the garage to do something rad? Want to share about how you solved some challenge in an awesome, janky, or elegant way?

We want you to present on it. Tell us what you have in mind. Contact us