We have some university-mandated requirements for those who wish to join:

  1. Be an actively enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at University of Central Florida.
  2. Fulfill membership dues of $10 per academic year—that’s from August to August.
    • If you do not meet the above requirements and still pay dues it will be considered a donation.

We ask members to contribute $10 dollars annually while active in order to support and organize workshops and other events. Our members aren’t just restricted to the College of Engineering and Computer Science either – we’ve historically had Psychology, Mathematics, Criminal Justice, Physics, MBAs, and more!


Members get access to some very nice perks, some of which are pretty unique. With the help of membership dues and our sponsors, we are able to provide exclusive access to some cool resources and other benefits:

  • Eligibility to vote in annual executive election
  • Food and drinks at select events at no cost
  • Access to members-only workshops and training material
  • Access to members-only hardware and resources, when available

How to Join

There are five steps to becoming a member of the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, also known as [email protected]:
  1. Fill out our Google Forms membership form using the button below.
  2. Fill out ethics form using the button below
  3. Pay dues either in person during meetings, workshops, or special events OR online using the button below.
  4. Verify your eligibility by requesting membership via KnightConnect, a service provided by the Student Government Association.
  5. Join our Mailing List so you stay up to date on events such as weekly meetings and workshops.

Step 1: Membership Form Step 2: Ethics Form Step 3: Pay dues Step 4: KnightConnect Step 5: Mailing List

After completing all of these steps, granting your membership request on KnightConnect means you’re now a member of [email protected] until the end of the Summer semester!