ORLANDO, FL (April 30, 2015) – The Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF has entered into a long-term partnership with Fortress Information Security based in Orlando, Florida to benefit the UCF Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Team. This is an exciting growth opportunity for the UCF student organization. The Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF is known in the Orlando community for striving to foster a generation that is aware of information security and, with the help of Fortress’ platinum level sponsorship, the organization and its cyber defense team can continue to advance to new levels.

Fortress’ official sponsorship exemplifies its own dedication toward preparing the next generation of cyber security professionals. Student members will have the opportunity to work with Fortress as the company strives to deliver a new paradigm for managing third-party cyber security risk in businesses. Learn more about Fortress Information Security by visiting its website at www.fortressinfosec.com.

About Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF

Founded in Fall 2012, the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF, also known as [email protected], is a nationally recognized registered student organization at the University of Central Florida organized by and for security-minded students. With over 200 student members, it strives to foster a generation that is aware of information security, specifically in the Central Florida area, through education and experience in both offensive and defensive security strategies. For more information about the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF, visit its website at https://hackucf.org.

About Fortress Information Security

Founded in 2015, Fortress Information Security is working to disrupt third-party cyber security risk management with a unique comprehensive platform that provides real-time visibility and accelerated incident response. The company is located in Orlando, Florida. For more information about Fortress Information Security, visit its website at www.fortressinfosec.com.

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