About the Meeting

This workshop, brought to you by Hack All The Things, will be a hands-on tutorial on use-after-free exploitation targeting a classic CTF problem from PPP’s 2015 PlaidCTF “prodmanager” challenge. This challenge is hosted at: https://github.com/ctfs/write-ups-2015/tree/master/plaidctf-2015/pwnable/prodmanager

    To participate you will need to bring your own laptop and a Linux VM with the following installed:
  • socat
  • 32bit / multilib support to run 32 bit binaries
  • GDB (GNU Debugger)
  • checksec.sh downloaded (see http://www.trapkit.de/tools/checksec.html)
  • Some version of python (I’m using 2.7) with pwn lib installed.
  • [optional] a disassembler like IDA Free, hopper disassembler, etc.
  • We’re going to first play around with the challenge and teach how to begin discovering vulnerabilities in a standard CTF binary exploitation challenge, how to automate testing of vulnerabilities, and how to develop and exploit a use-after-free vulnerability with the given prodmanager challenge. While this workshop will be challenging, the slides will provide a step-by-step walkthrough of all the concepts and other walkthroughs will be provided. The workshop should last at least 2.5 hours.