About the Meeting

This week, we want you (to vote in elections)! No seriously, we need you to vote for the next round of elected officials to take over for the next year. Your next executive board will be responsible for content planning and club organization so vote wisely! Please note you must be a dues paying member prior to the election to vote.

If you’re interested in being Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, or President of [email protected] then make sure to nominate yourself before 12:00 PM on Thursday! If you will be running for a position on Friday, make sure to have a 3-4 minute speech prepared.

Tailgate: [email protected] will be tailgating this Saturday, April 21st. We will be at spots 183 and 184, make sure to come say hi!

BBQ: Come join [email protected], Tech Knights, and other CECS clubs for food and fun at our annual Spring BBQ. The BBQ will be on campus at Lake Claire on April 22nd. Please RSVP at https://goo.gl/forms/bb9Wu4JY8hNl1DMF2 so we can bring enough food!