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A younger Kevin Chung

For this challenge we must “Find a picture of me that’s from before I was a high school student.” We start by looking through his photos on Facebook and LinkedIn but came up empty. We turned to Google to find out more. We found his website, twitter, and github but they didn’t provide any useful information. Google did lead us to a CSAW page with a brief biography of Kevin Chung that told us he attended Staten Island Technical High School. We use Google again to search for events hosted at his school that he might have attended as a middle schooler.

A hint was posted around this time that led us to the solution, “HINT: Just because it was before I started high school doesn’t mean I wasn’t in high school.” Taking a second look at his high school website we noticed a photo album under the “About Us” tab. We found a folder labeled 2007-Freshmen Orientation. In one of the pictures you can see a middle school aged Kevin Chung in the crowd.