Please review the Workshop Resources page if you have questions about how to setup a virtual machine or if you’re not sure what tools you need to have installed.

Week 2: Reverse Engineering (9/26/15)

About the Workshop This week is going to be an introduction to the topic of reverse engineering. This will be mostly basics such as C and memory, as well as x86 assembly. Resources Week 2 Slides

Week 1: Scripting and Virtualization (9/12/15)

About the Workshop This week is going to be an introduction to the world of Capture the Flag and the setup one may need in order to participate and enjoy such events. Next weekend will be the great CTF: CSAW! Be sure to come out and play along with us during this fantastic event. Resources… Read more »

Exploitation 3 (4/4/15)

About the Meeting We are going to be looking at a new vulnerability class this week and also some other architectures. It is time to branch out from the x86 32-bit world.

Exploitation/Networking (3/21/15)

About the Workshop This week is going to be another nice week to review some of the exploitation and reversing exercises that we have covered. We are also going to introduce some basic networking tools that are incredibly useful to know. There is even a CTF happening so we will spend a little time on… Read more »

Recap/PRNG (2/28/15)

About the Workshop This week we are going to be spending half the time working on some recap problems in groups to make sure everyone is up to speed on what we have covered so far. We will spend the other half doing a light introduction to cryptography and networking. Resources Slides Exercises/Solutions PRNG Challenge

Exploitation Time! (2/21/15)

About the Workshop We are going to cover some awesome material this week. Finally, it is time to start using some of our foundation knowledge to exploit. The first part will be a recap of what we have done with python and memory then we will build on the memory knowledge with some corruption, and… Read more »

Systems, Reversing, and You! (2/7/15)

About the Workshop This week will be our last foundation workshop. After we cover basic system knowledge, privileges, and some binary reversing, we will be ready to tackle a variety of cool security problems. We will be introducing the great IDA so make sure you have it downloaded before the meeting starts. Resources Slides IDA… Read more »

The C of Memory (1/31/15)

About the Workshop This week will be another important foundation building topic. We are covering the sections of memory given to a process. We are going to put Python down for a bit and start some C programming. Resources Slide Deck Exercises

Script It (1/24/15)

About the Workshop Basic python scripting with: Sockets, Bytes/Hex, File|IO, Bruteforcing Resources Slide Deck Exercises