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Meeting :: Python With Peyton (10/11/2019)

This week, Peyton talked about python in security and what problems you could solve using python, Sara F. presented current events, and Sarah S. presented a tool time on making a bootable linux USB Here are the slides: Here Here is [email protected]’s slides: Here

Meeting :: Web App Penetration Testing (10/4/2019)

This week, Scott from Synopsys came to present on Web App Penetration Testing. His talk contained information about the organizational steps involved in completing a successful engagement as well as advice for [email protected] students. Peyton presented on BurpSuite and Sara S. and Sarah F. presented current events. Link to the slides: Link to Scott’s… Read more »

Meeting :: Introduction to Penetration Testing (9/27/2019)

This week, Raul presented an introduction to Penetration Testing, Torres presented on current events, and Michael presented an introduction to the tool NMAP. Here are the slides: SLIDES Here’s the link to some good documentation on how to use NMAP:

Meeting :: Students in Security Panel (9/20/2019)

This week, we held a panel of cybersecurity students to introduce our membership to a more diverse set of individuals to ask questions to. Many of the questions asked were those many had asked other individuals in the club before. Questions ranging from “Which text editor do you use” to “How did you get the… Read more »

Meeting :: Introductory Meeting (9/13/2019)

Join us this Friday (9/13) for the first meeting of the semester. We will have an introductory presentation about our competitive teams, Capture the Flag events, student summer internships, workshops, infrastructure, and all the different opportunities the club offers! Meeting this semester will be Fridays at 4:30 in the College of Sciences Building, Room 101… Read more »

Meeting :: Elections (4/19/2019)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday (4/19) for the last meeting of the semester. We will be electing officers for the upcoming academic year. If you want to influence the future of the club make sure to come out and make your voice heard. Stay in touch to learn about upcoming fall meetings. Elected… Read more »

Meeting :: Physical Access Controls (4/12/2019)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday (4/12) for a look at physical access control systems such as NFC, RFID, and Magstripe, and how to exploit their vulnerabilities. Tool Time will be on Perf, a performance analyzing toolset Here are the slides: LINK Here are Zach’s slides from his main presentation: LINK

Meeting :: PWN & RE (4/5/2019)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday (4/5) for a primer on Binary Exploitation. We’ll be exploiting minor flaws to gain control over programs, including real world examples. In addition, this week David will go over Pwntools, a CTF framework and exploit development library written in Python. Here are the slides: LINK Here are Dan’s… Read more »

Meeting :: OSINT (3/29/2019)

About the Meeting Join us this week (3/29), for a presentation on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), by Michael Ibeh. Tools such as Shodan will be showcased, as well as Google Tips. Tool Time will be presented on Recon-ng. Here are the slides: LINK

Past Meeting :: Mandiant (3/22/2019)

About the Meeting Join us this week for a presentation by Paul Sanders from @Mandiant featuring topics such as a day in the life of a security professional, and what to keep in mind from your transition as intern to full time employee. Tool Time will feature Ghidra, a new reverse engineering tool. Here are… Read more »