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Meeting :: Video Game Hacking 2 (10/24/14)

About the Meeting We have got some more game hacking going on! Alex Lynch, who you might recognize from earlier in the semester, will be presenting on the much neglected other things that a lot of video games have: websites, in-game shopping carts, and more! Tool Time this week will include two extremely powerful tools… Read more »

Meeting :: Video Game Hacking (10/17/14)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday as Knightsec captain Ditmar Wendt goes over hacking video games and an overview of all it entails – DLL injection, entity tables, aimbots, calculus, video overlays, and more! This week will be (surprisingly) digestable for computer laymen, so all skill levels are welcome! In current events we’ll try… Read more »

Meeting :: Address Resolution Protocol (10/10/14)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday for a talk on abuse of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)—or in layman’s terms, the bad things that can happen when an attacker and a victim computer are both behind the same router! Specifically, we’ll be talking about and demonstrating ARP poisoning, which is telling a computer on the… Read more »

Meeting :: Inject, Inject (10/3/14)

About the Meeting One of our very own members, Kevin Brown, will be leading a talk on the Number One need to know from OWASP Top Ten, Injection! That’s right folks, we are going to see the oh so notorious SQL Injection during this meeting. “How does it work?” “How can we prevent it?” Your… Read more »

Meeting :: Hacking Exposed (9/26/14)

About the Meeting This week, our main topic is learning how to destroy things with Metasploit! We hope you signed your ethics statements, because now we’re going to teach you why having Kali Linux on hand could prove useful in a security engagement. We’ll take a dive into the chaining of tiny components to form… Read more »

Meeting :: CSAW CTF Preview (9/19/14)

About the Meeting This Friday’s meeting will be all about CSAW 2014, challenges from past CSAWs, and the tools you might need to play in it! We’ll also go over a little bit about the Women in STEM panel below and our current events – such as installing Doom on a Canon printer and a… Read more »

Meeting :: Protiviti Shares Security (9/12/14)

Post-Meeting Resources Slide Deck About the Meeting Welcome to the fourth week of school, you student hackers you. Bring your resume this Friday! We’re proud to announce the return of Protivi, a global security consulting firm, to presentations at [email protected]! For the bulk of our meeting, a few people from Protiviti will be talking about… Read more »

Meeting :: The Internet + Security (9/5/14)

Post-Meeting Resources Slide Deck About the Meeting Join us this Friday for our main event: student member Alex Lynch giving an overview of how you use the internet, exactly, and where security plays into the big jumble of computer equipment that we call the internet. In our review of current events, we’ll be reviewing what… Read more »

Competition :: CSAW CTF Qualifiers (Sept 19th-21st)

CSAW CTF 2014 Start Time: Sept 19th, 6PM End Time: Sept 21st, 6PM A competition designed for undergraduate students who are trying to break into cyber security. Last year, members of our CTF Team were invited to the finals in New York and finished in 6th nationally. Check the event for more details.

Competition :: ASIS CTF Quals 2014 (May 8th-10th)

ASIS Cyber Security Contest Starts: May 8, 2014, 9:30am EST (2:30 p.m. GMT) Ends: May 10, 2014, 9:30am EST (2:30 p.m. GMT) Join us on IRC for the competition, on #hackucf ask someone for creds Follow the Competition organizers on twitter, and IRC, Network:  Channel: #asis-ctf