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Exploit and Vuln Research (3/3/2017)

About the Meeting Are you interested in modern day exploitation and vulnerability research? Come see what it’s really like! After this presentation, you will never trust anything again. For tool-time this week we will be going over ngrok – a reverse proxy for local services used to connect applications. See the slides here.

Tamper Evident and NGC (2/24/2017)

About the Meeting If you’ve ever been curious about defeating tamper controls (e.g. VOID stickers, tape that leaves a residue, or wire tags) this week (2/24) we’re walking through how to defeat these tamper controls with a practice box of your own! We will split into small groups in order to have everyone try to… Read more »

Python Selenium (2/17/2017)

About the Meeting We will be learning how to use Python Selenium to interact with javascript elements on web pages in your web bots. We will take a website used for prank calling and automate it to call our fellow [email protected] members. Get the slides here

iOS Security (2/10/2017)

About the Meeting This meeting we will explore iOS vulnerabilities and how they have been exploited by jailbreak tools as well as exploit mitigations implemented by Apple to combat these attacks. These exploits and mitigations will be covered from a high level while still detailing internal undocumented security features on iOS We will also be… Read more »

A Foray Into Forensics (2/3/2017)

About the Meeting Join us for our next meeting on 2/3 in ENG2-102 at 4:30pm for an interactive talk about Forensics. We’ll be delving through pcaps – so have your Wireshark or tshark ready if you want to follow along. Meeting Slides: Here

Down to Business (1/27/2017)

About the Meeting Join us in ENG2-102 at 4:30pm for a talk about how to speak business and an intro to Latek with Gaelan Adams. We’ll cover business euphemisms and how to get your company to do what you want. For tool-time this week we will be going from zero to hero with, arguably one… Read more »

First of the Year (1/20/2017)

About the Meeting Welcome back! Join us for our first meeting of the semester on 1/20 in ENG2-102 at 4:30pm for a refresher on how to CTF and demystifying regex. Meeting Slides:

Exploit Finale (12/2/2016)

About the Meeting For our signoff meeting, Ditmar Wendt will cover Metasploit – the basics, what it is, and how you can improve your proficiency with the Metasploit framework. Also, we will be covering Netcat and Socat for tool-time this week. Our first meeting of the spring semester is tentatively scheduled for January 20th, 2017…. Read more »

Texas Instruments (11/18/2016)

About the Meeting Jimi Mills from the Texas Instruments (T.I) Security Operations Center will be presenting an enterprise IT perspective on malware and infection paths with examples from a network security monitoring view including analysis and tools. This walkthrough will include examples of packet captures, implementation of tools such as Suricata IDS, and extracting and… Read more »

Build your own NSA (11/11/2016)

About the Meeting This week Gaelan Adams will be covering a talk titled “Building your own internal NSA”, the talk will cover SIEMs (Security Information Event Monitors), data acquisition, and the foundations for building your own system from scratch. Also we will be covering Powershell Empire, a powerful Post-Exploitation Framework made entirely with powershell, during… Read more »