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Protiviti (11/4/2016)

About the Meeting This week [email protected] presents hosts Protiviti, a security consulting firm. They will be presenting “Today’s Industries, Tomorrow’s Trends, and Past (real) Examples”. Also we will be covering John the Ripper, an open-source password cracking tool, during tool-time this week. Make sure you catch us in ENG2-102. Meeting Slides:

Phreaking (10/28/2016)

About the Meeting Ever wonder how random websites know what things you last visited? Are you tired of hacking computers? Join us for a talk on Browser Fingerprinting, and Phone Phreaking. We will also be covering another unique tool during tooltime as well. Meeting Slides:

Bugcrowd (10/21/2016)

About the Meeting This Friday in HEC-125 we have a talk from Bugcrowd, a bug-bounty platform. This week for tool time we will be covering Autopsy, a open source digital forensics platform used by law enforcement, military, and corporate examiners to investigate what happened on a computer. Meeting Slides: Bugcrowd Slides:

Facebook Security (10/14/2016)

About the Meeting Interested in becoming a Security Engineer? How about a Security Analyst? Interested in learning about what a Security Engineer or Analyst even does? Come learn all about careers in Security and about Facebook’s awesome security team! The Security team at Facebook protects the security and privacy of over a billion people, is… Read more »

Amazon Security (9/30/2016)

About the Meeting This meeting will include a light overview of incident response, beginning with the phases of incident handling and responsibilities of a dedicated IR team, presented by Amazon’s Information Security team. Bring your resumes to the meeting if you are interested in internships or full-time opportunities with Amazon Information Security.

Info Panel (9/23/2016)

About the Meeting Do you want to be an information security professional when you grow up? Us too! This Friday join us for a career panel of information security professionals from different backgrounds and experiences. Who are these rockstars you ask? Mike Felch, Kris Charles, Ean Meyer, Jack Norman, Lori Easterly, Jeff Toth, and Sanders… Read more »

ARP Poisoning (9/16/2016)

About the Meeting This week we will be covering Arp Poisoning – a method of re-routing network traffic to malicious websites – with Lazaro Fraga. We’ll also be covering another essential tool in your toolbox during Tool Time! Next week we’re hosting an infosec career panel. Our diverse panel will be available to answer your… Read more »

CTF Challenge Overview (9/9/2016)

About the Meeting This week we will be covering basic CTF style problems regarding web challenges, binary exploitation, and forensics. We’re also bringing back Tool Time with an introduction to Wireshark. Meeting Slides:

Intro Session (9/2/2016)

About the Meeting Welcome back. This first week we will be covering what [email protected]’s all about, ethics, how to become a member, the different teams, and much, much more. Know what a bug bounty is? Want to get paid to find flaws in other people’s software? Ever wanted to learn how to pick a lock?… Read more »

Last Summer Session (8/20/2016)

About the Meeting We’ll be covering advanced SQLi techniques and defenses with Dr. Redwood. Bring your own laptop, a wifi connection, and a snack! Expect this workshop to last approximately 3 hours. Just waking up from your summer nap? We’re excited to welcome back our #hackerfam for the first meeting of the Fall semester on… Read more »