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Gadgets and Gizmos (9/29/17)

About the Meeting This week Levi will show how you can build your own inexpensive device that acts like a USB Rubber Ducky. This is a device that plugs into a USB port on a computer and pretends to be a keyboard. The device runs a program that inputs a sequence of key presses very… Read more »

Osquery (9/22/17)

About the Meeting This week Mark Ignacio, a [email protected] alumnus, and now a Security Engineer for Facebook’s Corporate Security team at Facebook Security, will be presenting on osquery and how it is used at Facebook. A few years ago, the Detection and Incident Response team at Facebook made osquery – an open source, multiplatform sensor… Read more »

CSAW Prelims (9/15/2017)

About the Meeting This week, instead of our regular content, we will be getting together to compete in the CSAW CTF preliminary round. This means that we will not be having any presentations this week, but we will still be meeting at HEC-125 at 4:30 PM as usual. Feel free to come participate, or just… Read more »

Elections (4/21/2017)

About the Meeting This week, we want you (to vote in elections)! No seriously, we need you to vote for the next round of elected officials to take over for the next year. Your next executive board will be responsible for content planning and club organization so vote wisely! Please note you must be a… Read more »

Anatomy of an Attack (4/14/2017)

About the Meeting The internet as we know it has become a scary place — with attacks abound, zero-day vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, and progressively easier ways to hand over the keys to the kingdom to attacks. Join us this Friday to learn about the offensive capabilities of a number of recent cyber attacks, and… Read more »

Leveraging the Cloud (4/7/2017)

About the Meeting Join us this Friday to learn about using various cloud hosting providers such as Amazon AWS to host your own virtual private servers! We will demonstrate how to create cloud hosted virtual machines and add SSH keys for remote administration with SSH clients like PuTTY. See the slides here.

Social Engineering (3/31/2017)

About the Meeting Join us this week for a social engineering presentation by Heather Lawrence and Robert Tonic. We will be going in-depth on various social engineering topics covering elicitation, pretexting, mind tricks, neurolinguistic programming, and information gathering. Also, we will be covering the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) for tool-time this week. See the slides… Read more »

Vector35 Talk (3/24/2017)

About the Meeting This week, Vector 35 will be here to demo Binary Ninja, their powerful (yet affordable) reverse engineering platform. They will be going over the PwnAdventure series of hackable video games, including the differences between them, the tools involved with solving the challenges, and how Vector 35 created them. See the slides here.

FireEye Tech Talk (3/10/2017)

About the Meeting FireEye will be presenting on the “Anatomy of an attack – It’s a ‘who’ not a ‘what’.” This presentation will take you through a typical Red Team Engagement and demonstrate why penetration testing may not provide an accurate representation of a sophisticated threat actor. See the slides here.