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First Meeting of the Year! (8/31/18)

About the Meeting The first [email protected] meeting this semester will be this Friday, August 31st at 4:30 PM in BA 119. If you’re interested in cybersecurity, come and learn with us. We offer workshops that teach various security topics from the ground up. Our competitive teams, such as our three-time national champion CCDC Team, participate… Read more »

Elections (4/20/2018)

About the Meeting This week, we want you (to vote in elections)! No seriously, we need you to vote for the next round of elected officials to take over for the next year. Your next executive board will be responsible for content planning and club organization so vote wisely! Please note you must be a… Read more »

Hacksplaining and Student Panel (4/13/2018)

About the Meeting Join us this week for our “Success in Security” panel! We’ll have a panel of club members and alum from different security fields giving guidance on how to be successful in the industry. Make sure to come prepared with questions! For Tool Time, Jabari will be showing off Hacksplaining, a learning resource… Read more »

YARA and Post Exploitation (4/6/2018)

About the Meeting This week, Levi will be covering post exploitation. Learn about what to do after you get that first shell, and how to expand your access. For Tool Time, Michael will be going over YARA, a tool for identifying and classifying malware based on custom rules. After the meeting, Harris representatives will be… Read more »

Iodine with Social Engineering and osint (3/30/2018)

About the Meeting This week, Charlos and Levi will be covering the art of hacking people through Open Source Intelligence and Social Engineering. For Tool Time, Charlton will be going over iodine, a tool that lets you tunnel IPv4 data through a DNS server. Here are our meeting slides:

GDB, PEDA, Reverse Engineering & Exploitation (3/23/2018)

About the Meeting This week, Ryan will talk about how to solve Reverse Engineering and Binary Exploiting problems without crying and questioning why you ever entered this field in the first place (design was so much less stressful and difficult). For Tool Time, Peyton will be going over GDB: a powerful debugging tool that will… Read more »

Intro to CTFs and SELinux (3/9/2018)

About the Meeting Join us this week for an introduction to CTFs. We’ll be going over common types of CTF challenges and the tools used to solve them. For Tool Time, we’ll be going over SELinux, a security module that adds mandatory access control to Linux.

Darden and Social Engineering (3/2/2018)

About the Meeting This week we will have Ean Meyer, a Information Security Engineer from Darden, here to present “I’m calling from your helpdesk” – Gathering scammer info to create technical controls. During this demonstration you will find out how to leverage anonymized GoogleApps for Business, CanaryTokens, and Google Voice to call back scammers and… Read more »

Web App Security (2/23/2018)

About the Meeting This week, Bobby will be presenting on web app security. The presentation will cover an introduction to various web exploitation methods and techniques on both the application and service level. Covered topics include XSS, template injection, and CSS injection, among other modern vectors of compromise. For Tool Time, Jack will be going… Read more »

Practical Hardware Exploitation (2/16/2018)

About the Meeting Come learn how to play around with the Internet of Things in unintended ways with this week’s presentation, Practical Hardware Exploitation. Levi will be covering discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities common in embedded devices, ranging from name-brand “smart” light-bulbs to USB devices. For Tool Time, Shane will be going over Shodan, a search… Read more »