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Here an Issue, There an Issue (10/16/15)

About the Meeting This week join Alex Davis to learn how insecure common network setups are and how Windows leaks all your information. He will cover arp poisoning, what an attacker can gain, and cover more advanced attacks that exploit some of the security vulnerabilities in Windows, NetBIOS, and SMB. Ultimately, by the end of… Read more »

Metasploit with the Elders (10/9/15)

About the Meeting This week we welcome Jonathan Singer, one of the original founders of the club, and Jeff Toth, a local BSIDES coordinator, who are presenting a primer on the Metasploit Framework. They’ll review and demonstrate a number of the modules available in Metasploit. Join us in praying to the live demo gods! Resources… Read more »

Web Applications and CSAW (9/25/2015)

About the Meeting This week we’re discussing web application exploitation and going over some of last week’s CSAW challenges. We’ll cover measures to protect yourself when using webapps online (password manager, SSL, non-CC purchasing, etc). Resources Slides PowerPoint

CSAW All the Things (9/18/15)

About the Meeting In preparation for a weekend of CTF’ing this meeting we will discuss recon, forensics, reverse engineering, and exploitation challenges from previous years. After the meeting and throughout the weekend, join us in HEC 101 as we try to solve the CSAW qualification round challenges or hit us up on IRC to participate… Read more »

Career Panel (9/11/15)

About the Meeting This meeting features a panel of students and alumni sharing their experiences obtaining information security internships or positions. We’ll cover resume tips, showcase some “Do’s and Dont’s” for resume preparation, and cover some security specific interview questions. Resources Slides

First Meeting of the Semester (9/4/15)

About the Meeting We will be conducting a series of lightning fast talks designed to introduce the tops of steganography, web application security, and video game security. We wil also be reviewing current events in the world of infosec, provide general club information, and reveal a series of hands-on workshops we are planning to host… Read more »

Mobile Security (4/24/15)

About the Meeting Andy Giron will be covering Android Hacking. Mobile security is not something we have an opportunity to talk about too often so be sure to come out. His presentation will include a demo of GoatDroid. Perhaps you have heard of WebGoat.

Fuzzing the Planet (4/17/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slides Fuzzing Slides About the Meeting Grant Hernandez is coming in to teach us all about fuzzers and the way their magic works. Fuzzing is a very necessary step when it comes to doing automated vulnerability research on applications. One of the more popular tools in this space is AFL (American Fuzzy… Read more »

Build Your Own NSA (4/10/15)

About the Meeting Gaelan Adams, a long time member of the club, is going to give a presentation on working with SIEMs with some great life skills sprinkled in. Log analysis and event management are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to studying security threats. Mr. Adams will be sharing about some of the more… Read more »