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Second Summer Session (6/18/2016)

About the Meeting Owen is covering fundamentals of C and C++ vulnerabilities, which is the main prerequisite for our later workshops on modern binary exploitation. We will cover how to identify, exploit and fix buffer overflows, integer vulnerabilities, format string vulnerabilities, heap vulnerabilities like use after free and heap buffer overflows. Several “spot the bug”… Read more »

Summer Session (6/4/16)

About the Meeting Join us for our first workshop of the summer with Owen Redwood, co-founder of Hack All The Things, this Saturday at 1:30pm. He’s going to introduce offensive security topics, discuss the landscape of cybersecurity issues relevant to industry/CTF challenges, and present the curriculum for the rest of the summer sessions. We’re working… Read more »

Network Testing (4/22/16)

About the Meeting This week, we’ll be using all sorts of things from Kali Linux to pentest a network, so having an updated Kali VM might be handy if you want to follow along and do some exploitation yourself!

Locks and Votes (4/15/2016)

About the Meeting This week, don’t miss Jericho covering lock picking and making shims. We’re going to bring locks to practice on during the meeting so be sure to come out to increase your lock picking skills. Lastly, [email protected] has been invited to join the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) which is a grassroots network formed… Read more »

Mega Meeting (4/8/16)

About the Meeting This week we team up with TechKnights to present an evening of auditing code. We’re teaching some of the pitfalls of writing code showing examples of epic security failures using code the presenters have personally written. We’ll try to cover the whole gauntlet of both low hanging fruit and less obvious facepalms.

Fuzzing and Forensics (4/1/16)

About the Meeting This Friday come prepared for back-to-back talks in Fuzzing and Memory Forensics presented by our VP, Shane, and Carrie Chenicek. What’s fuzzing? Throwing stuff at a wall (or binary) and seeing what sticks. Come learn the history of fuzzing, types of fuzzers and fuzzer frameworks, and how you can use fuzzing as… Read more »

SunshineCTF Review (3/21/16)

About the Meeting This week join us as we cover the binary exploitation and harder forensics challenges presented in #SunshineCTF.

Web Application Testing (3/4/16)

About the Meeting We know you’re antsy to begin your spring break, but don’t miss out on a day in the life of a web application penetration tester! Willa Riggins from Veracode will go over the tools she uses on a daily basis and what she uses them for. This is a great opportunity to… Read more »

Deep vs. Dark (2/26/16)

About the Meeting This week prepare for a deep dive into the hidden world of the deep web and dark web (turns out there’s a difference!). With a presentation on the darkest parts of the internet and the ways by which anonymity fails, we hope you’ll have quite the adventure in onionland

Social Engineering: Part Two (2/19/16)

About the Meeting Join us this week for part II of the social engineering talk covering the finer points of information gathering, tools for your toolkit, and a walkthrough providing tips on reconnaissance strategy.