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Meeting :: FireEye (3/27/2020)

This week FireEye talked about penetration testing, Peyton talked about final recon, and Jake talked about current events. Slides: here

Meeting :: Binary Ninja (3/6/2020)

This week Binary Ninja came in and talked about disassembly. Jake talked about current events, and addison talked about GDB and PEDA. Slides: here

Meeting :: Splunk (2/14/2020)

This week Splunk talked about their log collecting software, James gave an introduction to logs, and Peyton presented on current events Slides: here

Meeting :: Brain-Computer Interfaces (1/31/2020)

This week IST presented about Brain-Computer Interfaces, Daniel Trimble showed a live demonstration of lock picking, and Sarah Swad presented on current events. In 2019, Elon Musk announced that his company Neuralink would begin patient trials of implantable brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) by the end of 2020. Such devices would allow patients to directly interact with… Read more »

Meeting :: Containerization (1/24/2020)

This week we introduce the idea of containerization. Topics ranged from “Why use containers” to “How are containers used in industry”. Current events was presented by Tolu and Tool Time was a presentation on how to setup docker by Collin. Slides: here

Meeting :: Why CTF? (1/17/2020)

This week at our first meeting of the fall semester, we introduce the question of “Why CTF?”. We talk about the reasons to CTF as well as how to get into CTFs. Michael T. Presents Current Events and Ryan M. Talks about the Ghidra API. Slides: here

Meeting :: Real World Bug Hunting (11/22/2019)

This week at our final meeting of the Fall semester, 2017-2018 [email protected] President Kevin Colley will be going over some of his experiences in real world security research. He will be going over some specific techniques such as fuzzing, static analysis, and code auditing. During tool time, Kevin will be going over CodeQL, a tool… Read more »

Meeting :: Intro to Memory Forensics (11/15/2019)

Join us this Friday (11/15) in the College of Sciences Building Room 101 (CSB-101) at 4:30, where we will be going over an Introduction to Memory Forensics by Michael Ibeh. Come learn about how to discover and understand the artifacts that can be found in your computer’s memory. We will also have a ToolTime on… Read more »