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Meeting :: Static Malware Analysis (10/19/18)

About the Meeting Join us at this week’s meeting (10/19) for a follow up on last week’s meeting: Static Malware Analysis presented by Matt and Serra. Levi will present tool time on Yara, a malware research and detection tool. As usual, the meeting will be held in BA1-119, at 4:30 PM. The slides can be… Read more »

Meeting :: Malware Analysis (10/12/18)

About the Meeting Come to this week’s meeting (10/12) to experience ‘Malware Analysis’ with David, and a tool time demo on ‘Cuckoo Sandbox’ with Matt. As usual the meeting will be held at 4:30PM on Friday in BA1-119. Join our slack for more information, tips, and mentorship opportunities. The slides can be found at

Meeting :: Glesec (10/5/18)

About the Meeting This Friday (10/5) join us for a main presentation led by Glesec, a security operations & intelligence services management company. Supplemental topics include this week’s current events and tooltime on Wireshark. Make sure to come out if you’re interested in Glesec or opportunities with their company.

Meeting :: Hacker History (9/28/18)

About the Meeting Come to our meeting this Friday (9/28) in BA1-119 at 4:30 to learn about Hacker History. Levi will present the main topic, and Peyton will present Tool Time on nmap. Stick around after the meeting for food and company during our Hacker Movie Night, featuring ‘Sneakers’! The Slides can be found here:… Read more »

Meeting :: Cancelled (9/21/18)

About the Meeting Due to the football game on Friday our traditional weekly meeting is cancelled. We hope to see you all next week, or at the tailgate on Friday. Tailgating: [email protected] will be tailgating this Friday(9/21) before the game! Come hang out with us beginning at 3:30PM at spot 223 and enjoy snacks and… Read more »

Meeting :: CTF 101 (9/14/18)

About the Meeting This week we will go over the basics of ‘Capture the Flag’ (CTF) competitions in ‘CTF101’! The meeting will be in a lightning talks format, with each person covering a different CTF category. David will cover Forensics, Peyton will cover Reverse Engineering, Levi will cover Cryptography, and Charlton will cover Web. The… Read more »

Meeting :: Typosquatting (9/6/2018)

About the Meeting This week, the Raymond James Cyber Threats team will present a case study on typo squatting domains and financial fraud. For Tool time Shane will go over EvilURL, a tool for generating Unicode domains for domain squatting. Here is the link to the slides: And make sure to join us on… Read more »

Meeting :: First Meeting of the Year! (8/31/18)

About the Meeting The first [email protected] meeting this semester will be this Friday, August 31st at 4:30 PM in BA 119. If you’re interested in cybersecurity, come and learn with us. We offer workshops that teach various security topics from the ground up. Our competitive teams, such as our three-time national champion CCDC Team, participate… Read more »

Meeting :: Elections (4/20/2018)

About the Meeting This week, we want you (to vote in elections)! No seriously, we need you to vote for the next round of elected officials to take over for the next year. Your next executive board will be responsible for content planning and club organization so vote wisely! Please note you must be a… Read more »

Meeting :: Hacksplaining and Student Panel (4/13/2018)

About the Meeting Join us this week for our “Success in Security” panel! We’ll have a panel of club members and alum from different security fields giving guidance on how to be successful in the industry. Make sure to come prepared with questions! For Tool Time, Jabari will be showing off Hacksplaining, a learning resource… Read more »