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Meeting :: Intro to CTFs and SELinux (3/9/2018)

About the Meeting Join us this week for an introduction to CTFs. We’ll be going over common types of CTF challenges and the tools used to solve them. For Tool Time, we’ll be going over SELinux, a security module that adds mandatory access control to Linux.

Meeting :: Darden and Social Engineering (3/2/2018)

About the Meeting This week we will have Ean Meyer, a Information Security Engineer from Darden, here to present “I’m calling from your helpdesk” – Gathering scammer info to create technical controls. During this demonstration you will find out how to leverage anonymized GoogleApps for Business, CanaryTokens, and Google Voice to call back scammers and… Read more »

Meeting :: Web App Security (2/23/2018)

About the Meeting This week, Bobby will be presenting on web app security. The presentation will cover an introduction to various web exploitation methods and techniques on both the application and service level. Covered topics include XSS, template injection, and CSS injection, among other modern vectors of compromise. For Tool Time, Jack will be going… Read more »

Meeting :: Practical Hardware Exploitation (2/16/2018)

About the Meeting Come learn how to play around with the Internet of Things in unintended ways with this week’s presentation, Practical Hardware Exploitation. Levi will be covering discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities common in embedded devices, ranging from name-brand “smart” light-bulbs to USB devices. For Tool Time, Shane will be going over Shodan, a search… Read more »

Meeting :: Secure Coding Revisited (2/9/2018)

About the Meeting Explore many unexpected security vulnerabilities that are common in C and C++ code in this week’s presentation, Secure Coding Revisited. Kevin will show a handful of problematic code patterns you (or your professors) may have written, why they are security flaws, and how to avoid them. For Tool Time, Nelson will be… Read more »

Meeting :: Homelab Help (2/2/2018)

About the Meeting Have you ever wondered what you can host on your home network other than a Minecraft server? If so, this week’s meeting is for you! This week, Peyton will be covering the basics of setting up your very own Homelab. For Tool Time, Jonah will be going over VMWare workstation and Oracle… Read more »

Meeting :: Mandiant – Evolving Attacks (1/26/2018)

About the Meeting This week we will have Pat McCoy, from Mandiant, here to present on “Evolving Attacks – Being Sneaky with CDNs”. This presentation will take you through recent trends observed during breach investigations, and provide background and specifics related to “Domain Fronting”, and how it can mask attacker or red team C2 infrastructure…. Read more »

Meeting :: First Meeting (1/19/2018)

About the Meeting Welcome back to [email protected]! To start the semester off, we will be answering the question “What could possibly go wrong?”, inspired by the popular interview question “What happens when you type ‘’ into your browser and hit enter?”. We will be examining approximately 20 of the possible attack vectors an adversary can… Read more »

Meeting :: Vector 37 (11/17/2017)

About the Meeting This week, Vector 35 will demonstrate how to use Binary Ninja, their reverse engineering platform, to solve a basic reversing challenge. They will then walk through solving a challenge or two from PwnAdventure 3, their hackable video game. This will be interactive, so bring your laptops if you want to hack a… Read more »

Meeting :: Video Game Reversing (11/3/2017)

About the Meeting This week, Levi makes reverse engineering actually useful as he shows how to write bots and trainers for video games such as Counter Strike. For tool time, Charlos will show how to use a tool called Cheat Engine to manipulate memory and cheat in games. Workshops: Workshops are canceled for this Sunday… Read more »