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Workshop :: Exploitation Time! (2/21/15)

About the Workshop We are going to cover some awesome material this week. Finally, it is time to start using some of our foundation knowledge to exploit. The first part will be a recap of what we have done with python and memory then we will build on the memory knowledge with some corruption, and… Read more »

Meeting :: Phishing The Planet (2/20/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck Phishing Slide Deck About the Meeting Are you familiar with the security term phishing? You will not hear a company talk about security without talking about phishing. It is incredibly important to know about. Mark is going to be teaching us a bit about it. He will demonstrating just how… Read more »

Meeting :: CTF How-To (2/13/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck CTF: Everything I Wish I Had Known Slide Deck About the Meeting Jericho is going to be leading an awesome presentation on some of the pitfalls and annoyances that people normally face when the first get into Capture the Flag competition. He will have demos dealing with a variety of… Read more »

Workshop :: Systems, Reversing, and You! (2/7/15)

About the Workshop This week will be our last foundation workshop. After we cover basic system knowledge, privileges, and some binary reversing, we will be ready to tackle a variety of cool security problems. We will be introducing the great IDA so make sure you have it downloaded before the meeting starts. Resources Slides IDA… Read more »

Meeting :: OWASP Top 10 (2/6/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck Demo App Source Code About the Meeting Alex Lynch will be leading us through some web application security, and common abuses of them. Last semester, he created all of our web challenges, some dealing with weird PHP functionality, and others based around side channel attacks.

Workshop :: The C of Memory (1/31/15)

About the Workshop This week will be another important foundation building topic. We are covering the sections of memory given to a process. We are going to put Python down for a bit and start some C programming. Resources Slide Deck Exercises

Meeting :: Minding Our Ps and Gs (1/30/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck PGP/GPG Slide Deck About the Meeting We have an awesome presentation for everyone this week on privacy and encryption. Our very own member, Shane Welch, will be teaching us all about how PGP and GPG technologies work and why we should use them. We will also be holding elections for… Read more »

Meeting :: Welcome Back Expo (1/23/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck PyExec Slide Deck XSS Demo Source Code Pwn Adventure About the Meeting Join us this Friday for cool demos of all the things you can learn/do in this field. We will be showing off web hacking, game hacking, reverse engineering, and exploitation.

Meeting :: HLR Lookup Attack (11/7/14)

About the Meeting Come out this Friday to learn about a special Mobile Security topic presented by our guest, Adam Harder, the Director of Mobile Access Engineering at Endgame. He will be teaching us specifically about the HLR Lookup attack.