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Meeting :: Mobile Security (4/24/15)

About the Meeting Andy Giron will be covering Android Hacking. Mobile security is not something we have an opportunity to talk about too often so be sure to come out. His presentation will include a demo of GoatDroid. Perhaps you have heard of WebGoat.

Meeting :: Fuzzing the Planet (4/17/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slides Fuzzing Slides About the Meeting Grant Hernandez is coming in to teach us all about fuzzers and the way their magic works. Fuzzing is a very necessary step when it comes to doing automated vulnerability research on applications. One of the more popular tools in this space is AFL (American Fuzzy… Read more »

Meeting :: Build Your Own NSA (4/10/15)

About the Meeting Gaelan Adams, a long time member of the club, is going to give a presentation on working with SIEMs with some great life skills sprinkled in. Log analysis and event management are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to studying security threats. Mr. Adams will be sharing about some of the more… Read more »

Workshop :: Exploitation 3 (4/4/15)

About the Meeting We are going to be looking at a new vulnerability class this week and also some other architectures. It is time to branch out from the x86 32-bit world.

Meeting :: Hardware VR (3/27/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck Cyber Quest Slides Workshop Needs About the Meeting We have a special guest again this week. Endgame‘s Andrew Righter is coming out to present on Hardware Vulnerability Research. We talk plenty about the software side; now it is time to dig a little deeper.

Workshop :: Exploitation/Networking (3/21/15)

About the Workshop This week is going to be another nice week to review some of the exploitation and reversing exercises that we have covered. We are also going to introduce some basic networking tools that are incredibly useful to know. There is even a CTF happening so we will spend a little time on… Read more »

Meeting :: Pick All the Locks (3/20/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck Physical Security: From Locks to Dox Slide Deck (PDF) About the Meeting Lock picking. It is time to learn about all of the locks out in the world, and their various insecurities. Physical security is just as important to understand as computer security because with physical access to devices, one… Read more »

Meeting :: ElectroPlay (3/6/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck Magstripe “Security” Slide Deck About the Meeting This week, Alex Davis will present on the capabilities that cheap electronics—the ones you purchase from places like RadioShack and TigerDirect—give you. Mr. Davis likes to tinker with these sorts of electronics and has some fun to show.

Workshop :: Recap/PRNG (2/28/15)

About the Workshop This week we are going to be spending half the time working on some recap problems in groups to make sure everyone is up to speed on what we have covered so far. We will spend the other half doing a light introduction to cryptography and networking. Resources Slides Exercises/Solutions PRNG Challenge

Meeting :: Internship Panel (2/27/15)

Post-Meeting Resources Meeting Slide Deck About the Meeting Several of our members participated in internships over the summer with some pretty respectable companies in primarily information security roles. We have an awesome lineup of people who will share about their experiences, tell about how they landed these opportunities, and answer questions you might have about… Read more »