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Meeting :: Social Engineering: Part One (2/12/16)

About the Meeting This week will be a social engineering presentation by Heather Lawrence. This will start a two part series on social engineering covering elicitation, pretexting, mind tricks, and neurolinguistic programming. Next week we’ll cover part two with recon and information gathering. Slides: Main presentation (Heather’s slides):

Meeting :: All Fun and Games (2/5/16)

About the Meeting This week Ditmar Wendt will be covering the approach he takes to analyzing and writing hacks for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This slide deck also includes some advice for dealing with identity theft. Next week (2/12) Heather Lawrence will start a two part series on social engineering covering information gathering, elicitation, pretexting, mind… Read more »

Meeting :: FireEye (1/29/16)

About the Meeting Don’t miss this week’s presentation on Windows Forensics led by our very own Joe Pate from FireEye! There will be a deep dive into the process and techniques as well as a walkthrough of an investigation. Slides (FireEye slides not released for publication):

Meeting :: Review (1/22/16)

About the Meeting This week we review topics that we discussed last semester and set the stage for the information we’ll cover this semester. T-shirts will be available for pickup at this meeting. Catch us next week (1/29) as one of alumni, Joe Pate from FireEye, covers Windows internals and host-based forensics. Slides:

Meeting :: Finale (12/4/15)

About the Meeting Our last meeting of the semester will go out with a bang! Meet Shahid Buttar representing EFF as he discusses mass surveillance and protecting our privacy online in the Pegasus Ballroom. RSVP for this event here!

Meeting :: The Lost Underground (11/20/15)

About the Meeting We’re in the last stretch before Thanksgiving break! This week Mike Felch, from Fortress Information Security, is going to educate us on our heritage from the hacker underground. He’ll cover the underground culture, philosophy, and important personalities that have made an impact on the scene. Bring your resumes if you’re interested in… Read more »

Meeting :: Securi-C (11/13/15)

About the Meeting Kevin Colley will be giving a talk on secure coding. He’ll cover a high level overview of best security practices in C, such as avoiding insecure functions, defensive coding, and using tools to help find bugs so be sure to come learn why the way you were taught to write C code… Read more »

Meeting :: Knightsec (11/6/15)

About the Meeting We are in the home stretch to the end of the semester, so don’t give up now! This week our Knightsec and Knightsec_SE teams are going to discuss their experiences at #CyberSEED held by the University of Connecticut. Included will be a discussion of the CTF challenges and social engineering tasks faced.

Meeting :: Protiviti (10/30/15)

About the Meeting This week we welcome Craig Austin and Chris Porter from Protiviti. Their presentation “Penetration Testing in the Business World” is going to discuss different pentesting case studies and techniques so come with your questions and resumes!

Meeting :: Authentication Systems (10/23/15)

About the Meeting This week join us as we discuss electronic authentication systems like RFIDs, NFC, CAC cards, and PIV cards. We will discuss how they work, different applications they are used in, and their vulnerabilities. If you’re not familiar with these systems, don’t worry, we got you covered. Resources Slides