Hack.LU 2014 :: Web 150 :: Hidden in Plain Sight

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For this challenge, we are given the service code to review and find the vulnerability. We locate the function that is generating the sha256 hash: var HMAC_SECRET = ” for (var i=0; i<20; i++) { HMAC_SΕCRET = HMAC_SECRET + (Math.random()+”).substr(2) } function hmac_sign(path) { var hmac = crypto.createHmac(‘sha256’, HMAC_SECRET) hmac.update(path) return hmac.digest(‘hex’) } At first… Read more »

D-CTF 2014 :: Bonus 200 :: Final

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For this challenge, we were presented with a website made from the ApPHP Microblog CMS. A quick search on Exploit-DB revealed that there was an existing RCE bug. http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/33030/ PHP disable_functions seemed to have an extensive list since exec, shell_exec, and system were all disabled. This leaves only a few commands left to use. It… Read more »

ASIS 2014 :: Web 100 :: Lottery

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For this challenge, you visit the website http://asis-ctf.ir:12437/. At the website, there is a basic message about being a specific visitor to win the prize: After checking the cookies, there is a specific value that is written: Visitor=MTUyNDo0NzFjNzVlZTY2NDNhMTA5MzQ1MDJiZGFmZWUxOThmYg%3D%3D This value ends with the entity %3D, which is =, meaning that the value is base64. After… Read more »

CSAW CTF Qualifiers (Sept 19th-21st)

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CSAW CTF 2014 Start Time: Sept 19th, 6PM End Time: Sept 21st, 6PM A competition designed for undergraduate students who are trying to break into cyber security. Last year, members of our CTF Team were invited to the finals in New York and finished in 6th nationally. Check the event for more details.

Hack.LU 2013

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Hack.LU is scheduled for October 22nd-23rd. We have a room reservation set up in HEC 101 from 10AM to 10PM but the hours may vary.

CSAW 2013 :: Recon 100 :: Theodore Reed

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Our first clue is http://prosauce.org/ which is Teddy’s personal website. Searching around does not return much so we start following some links. The Projects page http://prosauce.org/projects/ has some more outbound links. GitHub has been used by others, so we try them all. We check the YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCTRSK45bS4 and see some comments exist. After expanding… Read more »