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Trivia 25:
4046925: How much the exact IM per year?

Credit for this challenge goes to Jon singer (@jonathansinger)!

At first this challenge may not make sense in English, but we can assume that IM means Instant Message. A quick Google search of 4046925 returns interesting results for

“NSA DOCID: 4046925 Untangling The Web: A Guide To Internet Research”

Since we are looking for Instant Message information, a quick text search within the 651 page document for “Instant Message” returns a hand full of results. Pan through to the 3rd result to find:

“Instant messaging generates five billion messages a day (750GB), or 274 Terabytes a year.”

Since we are looking for the yearly amount, we MD5(274) => d947bf06a885db0d477d707121934ff8 and turn in our flag: ASIS_d947bf06a885db0d477d707121934ff8