About the Meeting

This week we will be covering Arp Poisoning – a method of re-routing network traffic to malicious websites – with Lazaro Fraga. We’ll also be covering another essential tool in your toolbox during Tool Time! Next week we’re hosting an infosec career panel. Our diverse panel will be available to answer your questions about how to start out as an information security professional. Don’t miss it! Also, CTF Workshops are not happening this week, but please join us for CSAW this Friday (9/16) at 6PM – Sunday (9/18) at 6 PM in HEC-101.

Meeting Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Oslkbj0Ht8ROyEqZle6fgZ2eRKt1LxqcQ2YYOVFAgfQ/edit?usp=sharing