Our Mission

We strive to foster a generation that is aware of information security, specifically in the Central Florida area. We expect to fulfill our mission through getting the campus community involved in the cyber realm through education and experience in both offensive and defensive security strategies.

Our Story

The Collegiate Cyber Defense Club @ UCF was founded back in Fall 2012 by a small group of eager, security-enthused students. Word about the club spread quickly, drawing in dozens of students from a variety of majors—even those not belonging to the College of Engineering and Computer Science. In Spring 2013, the club founders applied to be an official club; the Student Government Association named Collegiate Cyber Defense Club a registered student organization.

The official name, Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, stems from the similarly named Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). It should be no surprise that we participate in this competition; however, that is not all we do. With over 200 members to date, we continue to bring that much-needed cyber security presence to the campus of University of Central Florida through a number of methods:

  • Compete in offense-based virtual Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions
  • Provide tutorials, talks, and workshops to discuss and apply offensive and defensive security strategies
  • Invite guest speakers from major companies and corporations in the region to discuss security
  • Take special trips to various companies

For more information, choose a path: Defensive security or Offensive security.

Our Aliases

We go by several names, often depending on context—whether we’re representing ourselves on-campus, for instance, or competing in virtual competitions:

Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about us.